declaration for a better life
in a better world

Philosophy of good- Empathy

Facts of life.
Laws of nature function with harmony and their sole purpose is balance, healing and reparation.
In order to unite with the laws nature and live happy healthy life, we must cling to the good power which is common to each living cell in nature.
The only way to cling on the good power is to be a good person.
What is a good person?
One person's good is not always another person's good, we see that when we watch the difference between people and cultures. Still there is one kind of good that covers the largest common interest and is a consensus by most.
The Empathy kind of good.
Empathy by essence and definition is: entering into the feelings of another, sympathy, vicarious emotion, understanding. Empathy is the best and noblest way to cling the good power.
A good person is a one who implements empathy in his life.
A person who implements empathy in his life gets stronger.
Empathy connects persons to the good power, to nature, to God.
Laws of God: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." That is one of the most important wording in the Holy Scriptures. And in the core of it stands Empathy.
Ethic of reciprocity and the golden rule show us that this wording is the cornerstone of all major religions.
Laws of nature: Adaptation, Natural selection, Acclimatization – these are processes that in their core stands Identification of oneself with his surrounding up until oneself becomes a reflection of his surroundings.
Empathy is a supreme form of identification and reflection.
By three methods we may learn wisdom and evolve: First, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience.
Awareness, that a true empathy for another, may they be the same as you or different to you, can motivate, strengthen and preserve the life energy which is common to each living cell in nature, brought about the need to connect all hearts, and create
Human Aspiration.