declaration for a better life
in a better world

Countries nations and different religions were sculpted and engraved over centuries
Within the bodies and souls of human beings. In a world in which every human being has a different feeling of belonging and different labels, it seems that we sometimes forget our essence as human beings who belong to the human race and to the earth on which we live. This site was created out of the desire to strengthen the sense of global belonging between one person to another and between human and their environment, regardless of ethnic origin, race, gender, religion or nationality, and without the intention of harming, or smearing, the spectacular national-social-religious and cultural variety that is found in our world. Awareness, that a true empathy for another, may they be the same as you or different to you, can motivate, strengthen and preserve the life energy which is common to each living cell in nature, brought about the need to connect all hearts, and create Human Aspiration.